"Just back from my daughter's wedding in Brisbane had my hair washed and blowed dried at a very well known salon.The hairstylist called over his staff to show them the best haircut he had seen for a long time. Thank you Lesley. I felt very special."
Carmel S

"I saw the sign for herbal hair dyes at ING, and booked an appointment straight away. I was looking for an eco- friendly solution to hair colour. What I found was a talented and professional stylist with a down to earth approach. I walked out of there feeling like a movie star. Now I have total trust in Lesley who's encouraged me to try different things, which have never failed. Every few months I go back in for my movie star fix."
Shannon Jones

"I thoroughly enjoy every visit to Ing Hair. Lesley is very friendly and welcoming and I feel quite at home in her salon. She has wonderful style ideas and an instinct for colour. I always trust her advice on the best my hair can be, whether it is cut, colour or style. I believe her experience both here and in the UK has given Lesley a very unique and thorough background in styling techniques, hair health and product knowledge.

I love the products Lesley uses and I have found my hair to be much healthier and more controllable since starting at Ing Hair. I have taken my mother, sisters and various friends to the salon, all of who rave about their experiences. I cannot recommend Lesley and Ing Hair highly enough."
Hyacinth Sullivan

"I've always been a big fan of natural products and organic food. To find a hairdresser in my local area who uses and supports herbal hair colouring was such a delight. Not only do I get a great cut and colour, but a lovely relaxed and friendly environment that is hard to find these days. After using herbal colouring, I would never use chemical colouring again."
Tina Calabria

"Feels like coming home, healthy products and stunning colours, applied with creative loving care."
Janette T-S

"Delighted I have started using herbal colouring as it has greatly improved my psorasis condition, made my hair easier to manage and lots more shine."
Brenda S

"Since I discovered Ing Herbal hair colouring, it was great, the condition made my hair more healthier, shinnier and easy to manage. Love my cut, thanks Lesley."

"Once upon a time, I was one of those... who used the ordinary chemical colourings for blonde and brown highlights. Being a natural blonde, I found my hair would be dull after a week at a normal salon and found my hair becoming thinner. As I'm in my late 20's this started to worry me. I eat healthy, I exercise, yet I was putting chemicals straight onto my scalp. I heard of Ing Salon through a friend and I will never go to anyone else for colouring and a funky cut. It's been many years of friendly service and I deeply thank you Lesley. You're the Best! Love the gloss!"
Natalie King